As Kurtsan Corporate Group while celebrating our 62nd anniversary, we are also living the proud of combining our rooted history and experiences with an innovative approach, professional management and leading products. Our late founder Ph. Niyazi Kurtsan developed many leading products inspired from his passion of nature in 1950’s and still today, improved varieties of these products continue to protect human health and improve quality of life. Under the umbrella of Kurtsan Group, our companies continue their activities in pharmaceutical field with Kurtsan Pharmaceuticals Inc., in medical field with Kurtsan Medical Inc. and Otacı Inc. specialized for herbal cosmetics & personal body care products. Our products are also exported to more than 25 countries. Today, as a group company with more than 300 employees, we are successfully continuing our own capital investments to innovate and expand with the principle of healthy, stable and sustainable growth.

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